Call Of Duty Club

The moon

So this time, sam is using the teleporter prism ship to send herself and her army of undead to the griffin station on the moon.The staion was a mining area for the minerals on the moon, But sam changed that.Also sam found out about a sceme that richtofen was planing and took something to mess it up and hides herself in the prism and takes peaces of it off to keep him out of it.

Kino der toten

Kino der toten(Meaning theater of the dead) was originally a movie theater, until the NAZIs had taken it for research.The man in charge of the operation was a scientist named Ludvig Maxis, who brought his daughter ,Samantha Maxis, with him because she had no mother to watch over her at home.Ludvig hired Edward Richtofen(A.K.A. Richtofen,the german)as a lab assistant.Ludvig was working on two different things, the teleporter stations, and nazi zombies for defeating the allies.One day,Ludvig  tested an experiment by sending his daughter's dog,Fluffy, into the zombie mainframe.The dog came as a hellhound and Richtofen locked Kino der toten as the zombies were released into the Theater and Sam was turned into a zombie and became the zombie's leader.Sammantha gained a grudge on Richtofen since that day.

This is sam.She may not look like one, but she is a zombie.This is how she looked when she was turned into a zombie.In this photo, sam is only 9 years old(and the teddy bear, believe it or not, is sleeping in her arms).This Photo is from the "Come out come out sam"Easter egg on the moon, where richtofen turns on the special second power switch and lets sam out of her prism(or pyramid)to end her evil game of hide and seek.

The Five

Suprisingly, this place take on where Kino der toten left off.In a big suprise, dr.maxis is still alive!They said that he hanged himself at der riese, but it was a cover for what they didn't know! Dr.Maxis had made to the teleporter in time to ESCAPE FROM KINO DER TOTEN!!!But, he wasn't alone. One of the zombies jumped into the teleporter as it was operating.For some unknown reason, there was a teleporter made by one of the men in group 935 inside the PENTAGON! As maxis took a good work in disguise as one of the scientists working in the lab underneath the Pentagon, the zombie found it's way into the office area of the Pentagon,and made all of the people in it zombies.While all that was going on in the office area, the scientist were sitting down to a nice lunch break hour, when the alarm for breachings suddenly went off.Ludvig was afraid of that, he knew that a zombie from Kino der toten must have gotten into the teleporter with him and entered the Pentagon,but of course,dr.Maxis didn't know that it was the Pentagon,he thought that he must have been in russia,until one of the scientist screamed "The Pentagon has been breached!The Pentagon has been breached!"Thats when Ludvig got a supprise.Two floors up, the president was hosting a meeting of the congress.They weren't aware that the Pentagon had been breached,because the alarm only went off in the rooms above and below the meeting room.

Der Riese

Der Riese(Literally meaning "The Giant")was a seceret nazi factory for developing weaponry for the war.Der Riese was also the birth place of the MD2(The teleporter).There are recordings that were recorded during the developing of the MD2 on the moon.It starts at when Richtofen and Dr.shusca(the british scientist of group 935)where trying to test the prototype MD2 with a walnut.Back to der riese,after the had tested the prototype, Dr.Maxis was angry because richtofen was just researching on the teleporter, rather than the zombies.During their conversation,Dr.Maxis reveals to richtofen that group 935 isn't just researching on their project to improve the human condition,they are also inventing weaponry for the nazi to get funding for their research.Back to der riese,the zombie research was started in shi no numa and Der riese,which was origionally an asylum for the mentaly insane and the criminaly insane,until a meteorite crashed near pittsburg, pennsylvania, and the nazis took it to do research.The meteorite was found to have the 115 chemical in it and was where 115 was first discovered.An idiot had feed the zombies,but forgot to keep the door locked and closed, starting the zombie outbreak.


The Ascention was a russian military base for launching rockets into space(also was where they were making their rocket to beat the americans to the moon),the rockets had a passenger hold for monkeys,that's right, monkeys!And not chimps?!How dare they?!Anyway, it was also where they were holding zombies to release in a rocket that is made to land in america and/or japan(obviously both).Dr.Gersh Budker,who IS the scientist-in-charge of the operation.He was forced to transfer Dr.Yuri(who doesn't  seem to have a last name)from the casmir project to the "Space Race" project.Of course Yuri felt like he was being treated as a 1.5 IQ scientist because he was supposed to make different designs of prototype rockets,launch monkeys into the atmosphere to test them,and see which one was the best suited for the Space Race project.Recently at that time though,Yuri had been acting wierd even before he was transfered into the Space Race project.He seemed to be mumbling to himself everywhere he goes.Read this security camera sound audio recording:

(Victor?) i cant [static]
oh i cant stop it [static]
keep it out [static]
Why wont she leave me alone!! [static]
calm down Uri, Calm down [heavy static] No No i wont![still heavy static]  Shut up shut up shut up shut up! [Static] Yes we must stop! Try![Static] ok, ok, i will [still heavy static]

Tell me, did you notice something strange in that recording?He said"Why wont she leave me alone!!"Emphasis on "SHE".Can you guess who he ment by she?He ment the little girl, SAM!!!!That's right, Sam is using her paranormal powers to get inside of Yuri's head,and she's doing a good job at it too.Soon,Sam comes up with a plan for Yuri to get his revenge on Gersh.Read to this recording:

[Gersh/Lead Scientist]
This better be good Yuri the fact you are even in this lab again
is reason enough to have you permanently removed [door opens]
if you've done anything to ruin (static) inspection

do not worry you will not be disappointed
hehheh, infact im sure you wont forget it.
but i cant take all the credit...
if you'll do me the honors
(mystery box opens)

[demon voice / Samantha]
hi there

what the?
(Loud Noises, sounds of a struggle?)
no no! yuri you! aaaaahhhhhhh!

Hahahaha you fat pig, enjoy your bib hehheh heh.....
no - no no no - no no no no no
what have i done?
what have i done?!

You know what happened?SAM HAPPENED!!!She tricked Yuri into opening not the mystery box, but turning on the teleportor Main frame and wiring it to suck in anything that has data(or memory)inside of it.Once Yuri pulled the switch, the zombies in containment were set free,giving sam even more minions and overruning the Ascention.Of course you can still hear Gersh at the begining of your game at the ascention.Thats the story for Ascention!

Shan gri la

Shangri la doesn't have much story to it.This isn't the real for reals shangri la, this one is a fake.Group 935 constructed it specificaly for the element 511 mines around it.Unfortunatley, they forgot that element 511 can cause anyone who touches it(even with another object)to turn into a zombie.Dr.Brock an Gary came here to try to figure this place our.You and the other 3 players have to push the 4 buttons that are near the Quick Revive dispenser at the same time after you turn the power on.When you do, you go back in time and meet Dr.Brock and Gary and save them,changing the future.You will notice that there is a lunar eclipse and that on the tower where the pack a punch machine is there is a giant meteorite, those are the signs that you have gone back in time.Of course you can't do it on solo, you need 3 other players with you to go back in time and/or survive longer.


Meaning "Asylum", was origionaly an insane asylum. A meteor containing element 115 landed inside a nearby river that contained water that was  givin to the inmates. Group 935 knew about the meteor imediately and went to investigate. They were too late, because the inmates had already drinken the water contaminated with element 115. Most of the insanes turned into zombies and escaped the cells to gorge on the bodies of the living. Group 935 captured all of the zombies and started doing research on them. The researchers were disecting the zombies by straping them down and nailing their mouths shut for good. Eventualy, a zombie escaped by losing it's hands and griping the lone researcher that was trying to disect it. The door was left open, the researcher was made into a zombie, and the asylum became overrun with the undead patients. The one who was in charger of Verruckt was Dr.Shooska, one of the members of Group 935, who eventually got caught after the zombie outbrake at kino der toten at Verruckt, not knowing of it's fate, by sam and she ordered that the zombies eat every part of his body, including the bones. He did have some bodyguards with him, but they didn't last a minute against the armada of zombies.

Black ops 2 zombies

Basicly, black ops 2 has 3 different modes for zombies.One mode is called "Grief", this mode is a zombies online game where you are in a team of four playing against another online team to travel in a bus, playing in destinations until you complete a specific goal,you also get to cause problems for the enemy(hense the name Grief for this mode)so that your team may finish with the wining place.Another mode is called "Tranzit",this mode is where you can play in multiplayer maps with 3 other players, plus you can grab stuff to survive better in the game.The last zombie mode is "survival",which is basicaly just surviving in a made up zombie map solo or with other players online.

Green run

Green run is the name of a county in the northern hemisphere. The town was nice and peacful until the insident with Richtofen and the whole, blowing up the earth, thing. It appears that the missiles had element 115 inside of them. Dr.maxis had his own plans. Maxis was still trying to improve the human condition to make humans more advanced, but he still had one flaw, he put the same unstable 115 element in the missles instead of the stable batch by accident, so when the missiles hit earth, they made thousands of more zombies. Richtofen took control of the zombies, since he killed sam, and got an arsenal of supernatural powers, but he isn't a bad guy. Anyway, Green run was turned into a county of zombies with only 4 survivors. There was one person in a seceret lab who was turned into an electric zombie. Maxis decided to take the man's body and use it as his own. It also appears that Natch Der Untoten is located in Green run, as well as the seceret labritory from the five! There are also hidden recordings from Ludvig Maxis around the devices that you build.Maxis has another mission for you to do in green run.A little bit before Richtofen took over the armada of zombies, a scientific group discovered the labs that Group 935 had worked in, discovering the zombies and technology too(all the zombies were dead before they got there though because Richtofen and his friends had gotten there first). The scientists were amased by group 935's work and wanted to continue it. Soon after, they found all research in each laboratory and took it to separate labs around the world. The group named their research organization Lab Group 7, and continued the work of Group 935. They group in  green run had invented a new zombie, the electrical avocado. they wanted to control it, but it went awal and attacked the scientists, releasing all of the zombies in containment. 

Die Rise

Die Rise is a Chinese city that was overrun with zombies. It was one of the laboratories of Lab Group 7. There, the scientists worked on a new zombie, the undead monkey. They exposed the monkeys to element 115, making the monkeys undead, with increased jumping, climbing, and speed. Eventually, one of the zombie monkeys escaped and killed some of the scientists, making zombies, which overrun the city very quickly, making thousands of zombies from chinese soldiers and civilians. The city was also where the ultimate power pylon was made, powering the entire city. If anyone was exposed to the energy of the pylon,they would get tremendous powers, which is why Richtofen wanted us to turn it on.