Call Of Duty Club

Black ops

Rictofen,Nikolai,Takeo,Dempsey,The zombie map five team,Woods,Bowman,Mason,Dr.Clarke,Kerchanko and Dragovich,Weaver,hudson,Steiner,and Reznov in that order.

a new set of characters is added each month.

Sammantha maxis

Daddy's little conquerer.Believe it or not, this is sammantha maxis, the leader of the undead army.Her father,Ludvig maxis with no mother.She was turned into a disgusting zombie at first, but then, she gained control over her contiousnes after staring at a picture of Richtofen for hours,and her hatred gained controll.Through her anger, came great powers, which is how she's leader of the zombie armada, and she wanted richtofen to pay for abondoning her and her father at kino.But there is a seceret I know that sam doesn't even know.Ludvig maxis was not her true father.Her real father is Nikolai belenski!