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How to do the full easter egg(can only be done online)Part 1

Posted by spencersmith81 on September 27, 2012 at 8:30 AM

So anyway, this easter egg is a big one and the Cryogenic Slumber Party one(which was the previous entry)is a part of this Easter egg.Do all the steps that are explaned in the previous entry,but make sure that the person spawning a Richtofen has the golden rod,so you can actually do this Easter egg.After all the steps in the cryogenic slumber party are done, you will need to get some stuff.You need the wire(which is found in both of  the lab rooms),and you need these special type of satelite dishes(which have to be gotten back at Hangar 18 or, as some call it ,Area 51).To get the satelite dishes,you need these items:

1.Gersh devises(the teleportation vaporizing gernades)

2.The ray gun.

So its pretty simple,when you teleport back to Hangar 18,Look to your right side of the building(on the inside),you should see a shelf holding some octagon-shapes dishes inside of them(they are visible to see).With the ray gun,shoot those dishes off the shelf,then throw a gersh devise in the same spot where they are, and another in the teleporter.The dishes should show up in the teleporter and will go with you to the moon.Then you can see a module(computer)at a corner.Throw a gersh devise at the dishes and another at the box next to the module.When the dishes are on the box, you should automaticaly hear richtofen entering the module files and ,as a big suprise,Dr.Maxis is in the machine and tries to cut richtofen off from his plans,but of course, Richtofen gets rid of maxis and continues.

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