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I proved a rumor WRONG!!

Posted by spencersmith81 on September 30, 2013 at 2:35 PM

I keep hearing this rumor that in order to do any Easter Egg for a zombie map, you have to complete the one before it, unless you're trying to do the Easter Egg for the first zombie map of the game, but guess what, that rumor is full of crap!!! I learned that there is a solo Easter Egg for Call Of The Dead, so I went to see if I could do it. I thought at first that because I didn't complete the Easter Egg for Ascension, I couldn't do the Easter Egg for Call Of The Dead, so I got a little dispirited, but discovered that there is a way you can tell that you are able to do an Easter Egg for a map, if you're able to do the first step at least. I went on solo on Call Of The Dead, and found out that after I turned on the power, the characters behind the heavy steel doors started talking!!! I thought to myself"how are they talking? I didn't do the Ascension Easter Egg, so how am I even able to do the first step?!!!" That's when I realized that the rumor that says that to do the Easter Egg for any map, you have to do the Easter Egg from the map before, is completely made up and fake, which made me SO ANGRY!!!!! All that time I thought I had to go online and complete an Easter Egg with my friends to do the next one, and I realized that it's NOT TRUE!!!! So that means that I wasted all that time trying to do Easter Eggs with guys online, and just to find out that the rumor only reffer's to Moon, and Die Rise on Black Ops and Black Ops 2. I was so angry, I was smug when I told my friend at the bus stop to my junior high school about how wrong the rumor was! The rumor should say that to do SOME Easter Eggs on black ops and black ops 2, Only require for the easter egg before it to be completed(for Moon you have to complete both Call Of The Dead on either online or offline co-op or on solo, and complete the Shangri-la Easter Egg online with 4 friends, or at least 4 friends until you get to the last step of the Easter Egg while you are back in time, and for Die Rise, you only have to complete the Easter Egg on Green Run, which can be done offline or online with 1 or more friends or players with you),and for the Easter Eggs that aren't able to be done solo, that they just require some help from either friends or other players that want to or agree to do that easter egg. I am so glad to finally get this seceret out! thanks for reading guys, and wait for me to get more info.


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You definitely made your point.
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You reported that very well!
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You actually suggested it well.
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