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How old is Element 115?

Posted by spencersmith81 on September 30, 2013 at 2:05 PM

So the day after the Apocalypse map pack came out, I went on Youtube to check out some gameplay, and I found something that got the wheels in my head turning. I watched as,in France, right after the Nazi that finished digging the hole in the mine and was attacked by a zombie, that the zombies that attacked the Nazi soldiers, were dressed in authentic Crusader uniforms, complete with helmet. Why would there be undead crusaders? Were they using the mine centuries ago during their crusade? Were they the ones to first discover Element 115? Were they trying to use it to win every battle they were on? Those were some of the questions I asked myself in my mind. Maybe i'll find more info to answer those questions when I get the map pack this afternoon.

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