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The "High Maintnance" Easter egg full guide (Richtofen instructions)

Posted by spencersmith81 on March 13, 2013 at 5:50 PM

Hey guys! I learned how to do the whole"High Maintenance" easter egg Richtofen style! Here are the instructions and some side instructions(be warned that you will need at least 1 player with you as you play) 

1.Build the Trample steam

2.Build the sliquifier

3.Turn on the power

4.Build the NAV card table

5.Stand on all 3 symbols that are ontop of the elevator rifts throuhout the map(1 ontop of the rift that contains the quick revive purk,1 ontop of the rift near where the sliquifier table is, the last one on the rift near the MP5), I advise that you go down that elevator in the spawn room that flies down when all players are on it and grabing the 2 keys and adding them to 2 of the 3 elevator rafts so that you both won't have a problem waiting for the rift to come down, and so that you don't get crushed when the elevators go to the top floor.when you stand a symbol, it will light up, and so will the other three.

6.Go to each symbol that looks exactly like the ones ontop of the rifts in the correct sequence.( one located on the rooftop on near the semetex, another on the floor next to the elevator rift with the quick revive on the top floor that the rift can go,another located on the outside of the fast foot resturant on the other side of the rail,and the last  one located on the floor outside the door to enter the building with the power switch and directly ontop of the AK74u)Richtofen will say Ein, Zwei, Thrin, Fear,meaning 1,2,3,4, in order for each symbol you step on correctly(says one word per symbol stepped on),and just like the ones on the rifts, they will light up when you step on them, but the first one will lose it's light if you step on a symbol at the wrong time in the sequence, so be careful.

7.Of course, you'll have to choose whose instructions to follow(Maxis or Richtofen), but im choosing the Richtofen instructions so, buy the sniper rifle off of the wall below the spawn room, make sure that either you have the sliquifier or that the person with the sliquifier is with you, and shoot the little balls out of the mouths of the lion statues with the sniper rifle and shoot eacb of the balls with 20 shots from the sliquifier  until both of them are spinning in each of the paws of the lion statues.

8.Get 3 trample steams and set them on the symbols of the nuketown zombie(two on the rooftop, and one next to the symbol that is glowing from step 5 near the quick revive).

9.There will be blue strips of light glowing on each leg of the electricity spire(or electrical tower)on the roof top, there are also 4 majong tiles you'll have to find,one black with a bird on it, another with 2 red  bamboo stick,another with 3 blue bamboo sticks,and one more with 4 green bamboo sticks on it. they are located in alot of places, the green one is sometimes located on the rail of the electricity spire infront of the leg pointed toward the spawning room, one is sometimes located on the staircase that is destroyed under the same floor of the spawning room. when you find all four of them, go buy the electrical knuckles and hit each leg of the electrical spire in this sequence:

leg 1,pointed to the catwalk that takes you up to the spire, hit that one 1 time.

leg 2, the leg to the leg of the first leg of the spire, hit it 2 times.

leg 3, the leg to the left of the second lef of the spire, hit it 3 times.

leg 4, the final leg,directly  to the left of the third leg of the spire,hit it 4 times.

The spire will light up ,Richtofen will speak, and you will get all 6 perks from the mouth of the dragon sign, which will have fireworks sparking from the tail up as a sign that you did each instruction(the mouth will have a firework sparking from it's mouth).That's the entire easter egg, I hope that it was helpful, by!

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