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Group 935

Posted by spencersmith81 on January 8, 2013 at 11:25 AM
You must have heard of group 935 at least once. Group 935 is a research group formed together to achieve their goal of improving the human condition. The organization started when a meteorite had crashed down near philedelphia during WWII(which at that time the philedelphia was under the control of the nazis. The meteorite had crashed in a cemetery and reanimated the body of a freshly buried man. When the search team saw this, they had the meteorite sent to a lab to be analyzed. Dr.Ludvig Maxis con),firmed that it was the chemicals in the meteorite( which he named element 115) were to blame. A group was assembled in the idea that they could improve the human condition. There are 8 official members of group 935. They were Dr.Maxis(the leader), Richtofen, Sophia(Maxis's assistant),Peter Mccain, Harry Porter(the inventor of the porter's x2 raygun and the porter's x2 zap gun),Harvey yena(creater of the Hyena infra-dead),Dr.Shuster(the one who helped Richtofen complete the teleporter project), and Dr.Groph(the guy who helped Richtofen plot against maxis and was leader of the Griffin Station). Their main base was at Der Riese, but they had many facilities.

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