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And the entire story is revealed!

Posted by spencersmith81 on January 6, 2013 at 6:30 AM
You know how Rictofen knew all that crap? You know the voices in his head right? Well... those voices are of an ancient tribe that was so technilogicaly advanced that it would take us thousands of years to catch up to them. Their names were the Frill. The. Frill wanted to take over the earth because of the energy and secerets it containes. Thr Frill chose richtofen to posses because he was an enemy of sammantha maxis. The Frill wanted to posses sam to control her power and use all of the energy and power in the earth to take over the universe. The Frill were not human, but the ancestors of humans. They were creatures that wanted power more than anything else, but they couldn't take over the universe because they were missing one thing, the power of the first Frill warrior. The power gave anyone brave enough to wield it the ability to control the universe. The problem was that their ancestor had atored the power away from those who would misuse it. Sam got that power by eating an unknown skeleton from billions of years ago. When she got the powers, she became consious with a real mind and emotions. She remembered about how richtofen had trapped everyone in kino and killed her and her father. The spirits of the Frill couldn't posses her body because she was so young when she first got her powers, they were blocked away with her thoughts of anger at richtofen. While things were still normal, the members of group 935 had discovered an ancient devise that used animal instincta to calculate planetary positioning,this devise isthat called the"Crew called the Antikethera mechanism. Group 935 had used this devise to calculate where and when the earth would be in position to shoot the missiles full of 115 at earth in specific spots, but richtofen messed with the Antikethera mechanism to destroy half of earth. Disregarding that, richtofen was chosen by the Frill to kill sam and take her body and reshape it as his own. The Frill also had the army of zombies, which wiped most of the species out. They had evolved into what was known as humans after 2,345,897 years of evolving from species to species. The 115 didn't origionate on earth, thr Frill brought itwith them to earth. The element ended up in landscapes after billions of years. The Frill had planned to blow up the earth to take the power that their ancestor store inside of the planet when it was born. There had been a special force made to prevent the actions of group 935. Takeo was in that force. Group 935 had had planned to hit the homelands of the enemies of germany to take control of the world. One of the targets was Takeo' s home country, japan. The zombie outbrakes were mostly because of spies in the force. Once the zombie outbrakes had gotten out of hand, Takeo was captured andvbrainwashed, forgetting most of his past life except for what he could read out of a diary from his youth. The Frill had taken hold of richtofen and forced him to take the power sam had and got louder every time he got closer to completing his goal. Thats the story! Hope ya liked it.

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