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Look what the rat dug up.

Posted by spencersmith81 on December 13, 2012 at 1:15 PM

 You know how in tranzit you see those annoying little rats that dig their way out of tunnels and then jump onto your head and start clawing at you when you go into the foggy areas(Believe me, I flippin hate those little demons)? Then you know that when you get out of the fog, they run back into it and dig back down into the ground? Well, they have a little suprise to give you. A tunnel that instantly teleports you to another area on the map:lol:!!!! But they don't just show up like that, there's some stuff that you have to do in order for that to happen.First, you need to turn on the power. Next, go into the fog.Have you seen those lamp posts that have green lights instead of the usual yellow? Well the third step is to go right underneath one of those lamp posts while one of the rats are either after you, or on top of you already. Once you do, the rat will jump off of your head, get onto the ground, and dig. When their finished digging, the tunnel hole will stay behind and a blue light an swirl will come into it. The teleporter tunnel will take you to any random lamp post with the green light on the map. Theres no telling where the teleporter will take you. One more tip is that any number of teleporters can be summoned in the game, so you guys can knock yourselves out. Thanks for reading, hoped that this post helped you in your game.

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