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black ops 2 special items

Posted by spencersmith81 on November 23, 2012 at 9:00 AM

 So you now the new black ops game,having all the special stuff on it(zombies on multiplayer,and the 3 other zombie games in zombie mode).Well i pre ordered it and got it on the day it came out, and found some interesting stuff. If you played black ops zombies on the moon and did the easter egg called"The Big Bang Theory", then you would know that sam is now dead. Since sam died, you'd think that all the black ops zombies stuff would be without powerups like insta kill or max ammo, well that is a load of garbage. if you'd heard sam before she died on the moon, you would have heard her being taken over by Richtofen, so he has control of the zombies now. Anyway, in tranzit, there are things to put together. to put stuff together, there are parts to each device in the same room you build them in, except for one specific thing. The first thing that you can put together is the turbine. The turbine is made of a fan(which is located on a seat next to a set of double doors),a manikan(which is located on either side of the map in the middle of the room),and a toy plane tail(which is located underneath the second mounted phone to the left), and when the turbine is complete, it can be used on doors that say that you need a source of power to open(sometimes behind those doors, there are items that you can attach to the bus like the train ram,the ladder, and the emergency exit hatch).The second item is the zombie shield,made from a car door(which is on either a workbench or on the side of a car that was going to be fixed),and a package carrier(which is located in the dinner), and when made, the zombie shield can be used like either a riot shield or a barrier. The Third thing is the Turret, which is made up of a lawn mower(located in the barn or possibly in the house),a bullet pouch(located in the house on either the self upstairs or downstairs), and a gun(located in the house on the balcony, in the room upstairs, or downstairs in the living room). The Fourth item is the electric trap, which is made of a car battery(which is located in the boulding next to the lab somewhere),a car headlight(also located in the boulding),and an mounted lightning rod(also located in the building). The Fifth and final special item is the Jet Engine gun,which has 4 parts that are scattered all around the green run map. One piece is the thread and nimble, and wire set(located in the building next to the lab under the main catwalk),another is a jet engine(located in the tunnel between the bus depot,which is the first are,and the body shop and dinner,the second area, in the spot where the M16 is for sale on the wall),the third is an old time, world war two pirate pistol(which is located in the cornfield in a pathway,which you take the first one and take the first left turn,then in that passage take the first right and keep going forward until you reach a place that I will tell you what it is in the next entry,and the piece will be located on a shelf to the right),and a compass(located in an old log cabin,which you will have to leave the city the way you came in and follow a wall of rock on your left side when you exit and continue to go that way until you find the log cabin,go in, and grab the part which is located in front of the fire place). The Jet Engine Gun blows the zombies sideways and tears them apart with the wind that it blows,but be carful,because it doesn't last long at all,it only lasts afew seconds them flies apart,throwing the pieces in different directions,but in the same area luckily. The power must also be put together in the lab.

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