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Posted by spencersmith81 on October 31, 2012 at 9:20 AM

So I look on the internet for info of Black ops 2 to blog about, and I find a boat load of info.The campaign is set in both the past (with alex mason and some of the other guys in Black ops)and in the future.You are playing as Alex Mason's son David Mason(I had no idea that Mason had a wife or a son, it's a real shocking suprise to even me),Woods is also in the story(It's also a suprise that he survived being in the explosion in Loas in Black ops)as an old man, and he talks about his missions with Mason(Alex Mason).The enemy is called Raul Menendez,who might be russian like Dragovich from black ops,and he takes control over the world's drone army(including androids)to kill the president.You get to try out new weapons and vehicles:D.There are also new characters and levels in the game.There are new levels like Afghanistan,Agnola,Panama,Haiti,Pakistan,an aircraft carrier called the U.S.S. Barrok Obama(That's right, a boat named after president Obama),Singapore,Yemen(there are 2 different missions here),Nicaragua,Myanmar,and even Los Angles(Yep, L.A. too),Plus lots more.

There are some changes to Multiplayer too.You can make a class based on how much stuff you have,instead of just putting stuff in one class that you barely use, for example, you can have 6 or more classes if you want.If you choose to not carry a primary or secondary weapon, you'll just have a knife.If you choose a primary weapon, it will tell you to replace one of those perks.If you don't like any of the perks they have, you can just add more features to your primary and/or secondary weapons.Theres also live streaming,meaning you can automatically stream your gamplay on the internet easily,which means you will need a camera for this,but this may not work for XBOX KINECT.There are now also dedicated servers,meaning that you won't have to worry about host migration when the host leaves the match or looses connection.Some of the multiplayer maps are Cargo/Dockside,Aftermath,Hijacked,Slums,Drone,Powerplant,Nightclub,Overflow,Carrier(Which is on the U.S.S. Barrock Obama),Turbine,Yemen, and other types of maps.There is one last thing that I wanna mention for Multiplayer.It appears that there is a new type of game lobby selection for multiplayer,zombies!Not only will you play against other players on the multiplayer maps on regular multiplayer,you can now join a game lobby in multiplayer for zombies,the lobby has a server count limit of 8 players in each lobby.The game works like this,you survive as long as you can in the multiplayer map during zombies,instead of having to open doors to find the mystery box in one room or buy a specific gun that you don't want off the wall, you can simply go to a statue of one of the zombies and buy a gun like the raygun,but you still have to pay kill points that you earn by killing the zombies.The zombies aren't as slow as they were in black ops,they move in sprinting speed and you have to sprint to keep up with them.If you are killed by a zombie during the game,you are turned into a zombie and have to attack the other living players in the lobby until either the game's over, or when that round ends.You can also be a hellhound in that game, but you have to get a certain amount of kills as a zombie to unlock the hellhound class for that game,and you have to do it over in every game lobby that you join.Barriers have also been modified,you can use objects like care package boxes for a barrackade.I learned that the multiplayer map Nuketown from Black Ops is going to be used as one of the multiplayer zombies maps for Black Ops 2.

For the zombies,there have been quite some changes in the gameplay.Now there are 3 types of zombie modes in black ops,Grief(you play online in zombies as a group in a bus to beat an enemy team of zombie killers to a winning place as you set obstacles for the other team to face and they do the same to you and your team),Tactics(Playing in a 4-Player Co-op game in a bus to finish the game with random maps to survive and random obstacles to face,and you and your team won't play all of the maps made for zombies),and survival(Regularly trying to survive for as long as you can on a map that you chose to play in with others in an up to 4-player Co-Op mission), and both the game types of Tactis and Survival can be played offline with your friends and/or family in an up to 4-Player Co-Op game at home.

This is all the Info I can giBve you guys right now, so keep reading my blogs and stay a COD BO Fan!:D this information is provided by

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