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How to do the Moon easter egg solo(Not full easter egg)

Posted by spencersmith81 on September 27, 2012 at 8:15 AM

Okay,so im playing zombies on the moon solo, when I decide "Hey, why not try the moon easter egg while im here".So started with sammantha says, and it took acouple of gersh devices to do it.I did the wall button hack part, which I had to jump while hacking to make the hacking process move faster, just so that the crawler won't kill me.Then i wait until the drill is just penetrating the tunnel to hack the control module for Tunnel Six(which is on the side with the letter 6 on the side),at first I thought that I woudn't get the orb to finish the thing, but as it turns out , the orb only shows up with the no gravity stuff.So i knife the orb some, Shoot it off the satelite with the wave gun, and have some problems getting it out of a small space.So i finally make it to the power room and the orb automatikely goes into it's little space on the prism,and I pull the secondary power switch.When that happenes, a big test tube pops up out of the front right corner of the prism,which meant I had to get 25 zombie souls in it(I didn't know that  zombies had souls),which didn't take very long since this happened at the beggining of a round.So by the middle of the round, the test tube is full of the zombie souls and inserts itself into the prism,then the room started to shake and the prism opened and I saw sam in it.She looked frozen in place with her teddy bear in her arms.When the prism opens up completey, Richtofen says"Oh hello sammantha, you little brat.It will be time for you to die soon."By the way,you need richtofen in order to do this easter egg or it won't work all that work will be for nothing.When your doing the Big Bang Theory easter egg, sam will actually talk to you, but I won't discuss that until the next Blog entry.

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