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How to hack the control panel for the moon easter egg

Posted by spencersmith81 on September 26, 2012 at 8:00 AM

okay so you heard about that moon easter egg where you let sam out of that prism in the power room right?Well,with my good luck,I found how and when to hack the control modules.Ya see, its gotta be when there is only thirty seconds left until the drill tries to destroy tunnel eleven.The catch is,you've got to hack it right when the lady says over the intercome that the drill will tear a hole in tunnel 11 in 30 seconds.If you do it at the right time, the little orb will show up at the door to the power room in tunnel 11.Here's a bonus entery, you want to take the orb back the other way to the recieding bay and shoot it of the satelite at the very back of the room where the door to the recieding bay is, and when you get it down, you should act quickly to cut and knife it the way from section 11 to the power room, because it will teleport to anywhere in the map if you don't make it in time.:roll:

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